Slide Features is an advanced configuration option that gives users access to the addition and removal of Slide Features.

To Begin using the Slide Feature tool. Navigate to a slide and open the Slide Features tool via the Icon on the left side toolbar:

Once that icon is clicked the Slide Features Panel will open. This will display currently activated plugins that are available for use or being used on the current Slide. 

From here you have access to Add, Edit or Remove Features. 


Adding a Slide Feature will show you available Feature to add or state that all the Features that are allowed are currently added. 


Editing a Slide Feature will open a similar modal as the Slide Drop Down. This can be done by clicking on an added feature. 


Removing a Slide Feature can be potentially slide breaking. For example if an image rotator is removed on a slide that is currently using an image rotator. That functionality will be removed. ***If a mistake is made, there is no revert. The Slide Feature and Content that existed will need to be once again manually added from the Gallery.

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