Have a favorite PowerPoint slide that you’d like to add to your Digideck?  The Digideck PowerPoint Add-in makes it quick and easy to insert your favorite PowerPoint content straight into a Digideck Presentation or Master Deck. 

Simply select which slides to send to Digideck and choose where you want them to appear.  You can insert new slides, update existing ones, or just add them to your Digideck Image Gallery for future use. To get started, choose Get Add-ins from the Insert menu inside PowerPoint and install the free Digideck Add-in from the Microsoft Office Add-In Store. Once installed, you’ll find the Digideck icon inside your Home menu in PowerPoint.  Or, you can try downloading the Add-in directly from Microsoft here.

When adding a new slide, your content will appear as a static full image slide in Digideck (video and animations are not supported).  

Once you’ve added a slide to Digideck, you will be able to continue making edits by updating your PowerPoint file and sending the updated slide content to Digideck using the same Add-in.

TIPS For Best Results:

By default, the add-in exports the contents of your slide with a transparent background.  This allows you to create slides with a single graphic that can be inserted into the Image Gallery, then used in any image location in your deck.  If you want to reproduce the look of your full slide with the same background, you may choose to place a box with your background color behind your slide content before you export, which will eliminate the transparent background.

Some custom fonts may not currently pass through to Digideck.  If you see this issue, use the advanced save settings in PowerPoint to embed your font in the file before uploading.

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