Mar 5 2019

Using the Digideck 5.0 Interface

 The Digideck 5.0 interface allows for you to quickly create and edit presentations. For tutorials on how to each component of 5.0, see the videos below. Click within the table of contents to navigate directly to the task you need to accomplish.

Table of Contents:

1. Logging In:

 1. How to Sign In:

2. Creating a Presentation:

 1. Adding a Logo:

 2. Using the Media Library:
 1. Uploading Images to the Media Library

 2. How to Use Filters in the Media Library

 3. Deleting an Image from the Media Library

 3. Assembling Your Presentation:

3. Editing a Presentation

 1. Changing a Presentation's Title, URL or Logo:

 2. Re-Ordering Chapters:

 3. Adding a Slide or Chapter From your Master Deck:

 4. Editing a Chapter Title:

 5. Re-Ordering Slides within a Chapter:

 6. Deleting a Chapter:

 7. Adding a Slide from an Existing Presentation:

 8. Creating a New Slide:

 9. Editing the Master Deck:

3. Editing a Slide and its Content

 1. How to Edit Text:

 2. Editing a Slide Title:

 3. Deleting a Slide:

 4. Moving a Slide to a Different Chapter:

 5. Adding/Editing Slide Images:

 6. Adding/Editing Slide Thumbnail:

 7. Adding a Video Clip to a Slide:

 8. Adding an Audio Clip to a Slide:

3. Presentation Actions:

 1. Using The Presentation Search Bar:

 2. Filtering 'My Presentations':

 3. Printing a PDF of your Presentation:

 4. Downloading a .zip of your Presentation:
 5. Sharing your Presentation:

 6. Viewing your Presentation:

 7. Deleting a Presentation:

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