How the Digideck Integrates with your Mailing System

When sending a mass email, the Digideck allows you to track individual recipients by appending their individual email addresses to the end of the presentation URL.

The Digideck can integrate with your mailing system(s). This will allow you to track analytics for each person who receives the link.
If you are sending an email that includes a Digideck link utilizing a mailing system such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, follow the steps below.

Insert Your Presentation's Link in the Email: Within the content of your email, put a link to the presentation you want to send on a large-scale. For this example, we will use the URL:

Add User Specification to the URL: Add the following extension to the URL:
With this extension, our example email will now look like THIS:

Use your Mailing System to Add Email-Recognition your URL: Most email-marketing applications will have a way to insert the email-address of whoever is viewing your email to the email's content. Below is an example of this use in MailChimp:

Simply enter this data (which in the instance of MailChimp, reads *|EMAIL|*) to the end of the URL with the ?viewerEmail= extension.

Note: The way in which you input this email address locator will vary per the mailing-application you are using. This example is specific to MailChimp, most mailing systems have the same functionality.

After adding this field to your URL, it should read as follows:*|EMAIL|*

You can test the code before sending to everyone by sending a test email.  You'll want to make sure the person receiving the test email is not a Digideck user, or at least that they are opening the Digideck in a browser that has not been used to log in to Digideck (Known users are excluded from this tracking.)

You can find the tracked details by opening the presentation in edit mode, then choosing View Stats from the Presentation menu.

Click the Funnel icon inside the stats window to view a list of all email addresses that have viewed the presentation.Click on any email address to filter the statistics screen to show only that prospect's viewing details.

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