The Digideck Image Editor is a built-in feature that allows you to make changes to your images, including adjusting resizing, cropping, rotating and flipping your image.

Editing images with this tool creates an edited copy of the image, but leaves the original image in your image library.

Opening the Image Editor

To access the Image Editor, simply upload an image from within the image gallery and click 'Edit Image' in the lower right of any image uploading section.


Using the Image Editor

In the Digideck Image Editor, you'll see icons for each editing tool. 

  • Click any icon to begin editing. Changes for rotation and image flipping are shown live on the image.

  • When cropping, select Crop Image to accept the change.  To return to the main editor without accepting a change, click Cancel.

  • When resizing the image, enter a new height and width for the image and click Resize.  When you enter your first new dimension (height or width in pixels), the editor will suggest a value for the other dimension to keep the image in proportion.  To cancel simply click off of the resize box.

  • When you're done editing, click Save New Image

  • To close the editor without saving, click the X in the top-right corner or click Cancel in the bottom right.

Rotating and Flipping

Click horizontal arrows icon to flip the image horizontally, or the vertical arrows icon to flip the image vertically.  Use the rotating arrows to rotate the image in 45° increments either clockwise or counterclockwise.


Click Crop to crop out part of your image. Drag your mouse over the image to select the area you wish to keep, then drag the blue corner dots to adjust the cropping manually.


We don't normally recommend using the Resize tool to resize how your image appears on your site. Making the image smaller or larger by adjusting the pixel dimensions can make the image blurry or distorted. 

However, you can use the Resize tool to reduce the width of very large images down to the recommended 1600 pixels to 900 pixels, making them friendlier to the web.

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