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Admin Options

Information on actions available only to Organization and Deck Administrators


Managing the Chapters in Presentations

DIGIDECK Applications

How our iPad and Offline Desktop Application work


Present via your DIGIDECK presentation with DIGIDECK LIVE


Changing, editing, and deleting Hotspots

Media Library

Working with Audio, Images, and Videos

Presentation PDFs

Working with DIGIDECK's PDF functionality


Creating, editing, managing, and sharing presentations created in DIGIDECK


Creating and editing slides in DIGIDECK presentations

Design Center

Article to help you style your DIGIDECK

Single Sign-On

Helpful articles on how to setup SSO with DIGIDECK

Third Party Applications and Hardware

Web browser troubleshooting, integrations, projection, and more

Layout Manager

Manage Deck and Presentation Layout

Layout Manager Components

Learn to use and leverage the value of each component to make your DIGIDECK a success!

Presentation Flows

Support Documentation

AI Assist

Help Create and Modify Text Based Content

Template Library

Helpful articles for commonly used tempaltes

Product Release Notes

History of Product Release Notes