Manage your user profile

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Admin Options

Information on actions available only to Organization and Deck Administrators

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Managing the Chapters in Presentations

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DIGIDECK Applications

How our iPad and Offline Desktop Application work

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Present via your DIGIDECK presentation with DIGIDECK LIVE

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Changing, editing, and deleting Hotspots

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Media Library

Working with Audio, Images, and Videos

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Presentation PDFs

Working with DIGIDECK's PDF functionality

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Creating, editing, managing, and sharing presentations created in DIGIDECK

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Creating and editing slides in DIGIDECK presentations

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Design Center

Article to help you style your DIGIDECK

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Single Sign-On

Helpful articles on how to setup SSO with DIGIDECK

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Third Party Applications and Hardware

Web browser troubleshooting, integrations, projection, and more

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Layout Manager

Manage Deck and Presentation Layout

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Layout Manager Components

Learn to use and leverage the value of each component to make your DIGIDECK a success!

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Presentation Flows

Support Documentation

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AI Assist

Help Create and Modify Text Based Content

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