The Digideck allows you to import slide titles and text of a presentation from another deck. The presentation import will only include the original presentations slide titles and text.  Skip to step 6 to learn about Mapping Templates & Chapters.

You will need access to multiple Digidecks in order to utilize the Presentation Importer.

1.  To begin importing a presentation, click on the arrow on the right of the 'Create Presentation' button and select 'Import Presentation From Other Deck'

2.  Importing a presentation may not result in an exact copy of your previous presentation. Certain elements from the new Master Deck will be included in the new presentation. Please read the warning and click continue.

3.  Next, you will need to select a Digideck you have permissions to access. This will be the deck that contains the presentation you want to import into the Digideck you are currently working in.

4.  Select the presentation with the deck you have selected that you would like to import.

5.  If you wish, rename the presentation, insert a logo, or change any other Presentation Detail.

6.  In order to import your presentation, you will need to 'Map Templates'. If the original presentation contains templates that are not in the Digideck you are wishing to import the presentation into, you will need to select a new template for those slides to change to. 

The Digideck will automatically match similar templates however, you will need to select new template for those with the yellow triangle like the first template in the example below. Once every template is mapped, click NEXT

7.  After mapping your templates, you will then need to map your chapters.  The chapter you select while mapping will be the chapter the slides from the original presentation are placed into. 

Chapters will not automatically be mapped meaning each chapter must be mapped manually. Once mapping is complete, click CREATE PRESENTATION.

8. After hitting Create Presentation, you will be taken into your presentation where you will be able to edit the same as any other presentation. Please note that only slide titles and slide text will be transferred in the import.

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