The Digideck allows you to set images you have uploaded as 'private', meaning no other user will have access to that particular image in the media gallery. Setting images as private can be done two different ways:

  1. Upon upload of the image in the media gallery

  2. Using the ellipses menu in the media gallery after the image has been uploaded

Setting An Image As Private While Uploading In A Presentation

First, click into the media gallery by select + ADD IMAGE in the appropriate upload area.

Choose the image(s) from your computer by selecting UPLOAD IMAGES and finding the file(s) within your computer.

After select your image(s), check MARK ALL AS PRIVATE to make the image(s) you are uploading currently as private. You can also individually select image(s) you are uploading at once to be private or public by simply checking the PRIVATE option under each image.

Setting Images As Private After Upload

To mark an image as private that has previously been uploaded, simply navigate to that image in the media gallery and click EDIT within its ellipses menu under the image.

Once inside the Edit Image Details model window, simply check MARK AS PRIVATE in the upper right-hand corner to hide the image from all other users.

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