Downloading a .zip file allows you to view your presentation without having to worry about the internet connection. You can view your presentation completely offline. This is an alternative to our Offline Application that can be downloaded here.

Step 1: Generate

From the presentation library, select the 3 dot menu and then select 'Zip'. 

Then select 'Generate New Zip'

Step 2: Download

You will see a flashing blue button next to the presentation title. 

Once the button stops flashing, you can click on the button and select 'Download Zip'. Since .zip files take every asset of your custom Digideck and put them into one folder, this can sometimes take up to ten minutes to download.

Step 3: Open

Once your .zip file has finished downloading, simply click into the downloaded file if you are a Mac user and open the file 'index.html'. You will not need to touch any other file in the folder that was downloaded. If you are a Windows user, see helpful tips below.

Windows Users will have to manually extract these files. This can be done by entering your downloads folder (red-highlighted item), finding the .zip file that was just downloaded, right clicking that file (blue-highlighted item) and selecting 'Extract' (green-highlighted item). You will then be taken to your downloads folder where you should see a new folder that should have a lengthy title (if you pause at :12 of the video you can see my folder for this presentation has the title '5447b5120fe95add578366a0). Once you open this folder you will see a bunch of sub-folders and a browser-file named 'index.html'. The only file in this folder that you will ever need to touch is that 'index.html' file. It is the offline 'link' to your presentation so if you simply double click this file to open it, your presentation will open in your default browser.

Firefox is the best browser to use when viewing a .zip. This is because Panorama images and static hotspot can only load in Firefox's browser when viewing offline. If your presentation does not include a panorama or static hotspots, you can use any browser.

From your downloads folder you are able to drag-and-drop the .zip presentation to your desktop or any other area you would like it to be stored. As you see me do at :19 (of the second video), I would recommend re-naming the folder so that you can remember which presentation it is.

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