When generating a PDF, your Web presentation will be converting from the standard Web window ratio of 16:9 to a standard printout size of 8.5:11

Below are a few things you can do to create a better PDF to fit your content on a page.

Using FONT STYLES rather than FONT SIZES

Font Sizes - When adjusting the size of your text using the Font Sizes (i.e. 12pt, 13pt, 14pt, etc.) you are overriding the set defaults of your deck. This means that instead of your presentations text adjusting based on viewing in the Web, PDF & Mobile, your text will stay the same size for each. For example, if I set my text on a slide to be size 20pt on the Web, it will also be size 20pt on PDF and on Mobile.

Font Styles - Use font styles to adjust the your text to allow your presentation to automatically adjust based on Web, PDF or Mobile viewing. Styles allow you to shrink the size on PDF. Each style (i.e. Tiny, Small, Regular, etc.) will change the size to adapt to Web, PDF and Mobile viewing. 

*If you would like to change the current sizes of your font styles, please contact your Account Manager.

PDF Template Override

Using the the PDF Layout Override allows you to change the template your slide uses specifically for the PDF. This feature is needed when using a Panorama or Video template but can also be useful to increase the amount of text space available on a slide. For example, if you are using a template with a text box across the lower third of the screen, you can select a PDF Layout Override to a template such as Right Half content that will give you a large text box to fit all of your text on the PDF page.

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