The Static Hotspot editor allows users to edit the logo that appears on the static hotspot. The hotspot will automatically utilize the presentation logo, but you have the option to edit the logo.

To learn how to edit the hotspot background color, click here.

  1. Click into the HOTSPOT dropdown and select EDIT HOTSPOTS.

2. Under the LAYERS column, find the logo you want to edit.
(There may be more than one logo layer in a hotspot, each will correspond to one logo area.)

3. Click on the pencil icon of the logo layer to open that layer's editor.

4. Next, click on the IMAGE tab at the top of the window to insert a new logo into the hotspot. Drag and drop the image/logo you would like to use into the image area, or click ADD IMAGE to add an image from the image library. Click Submit

5. Finally, review your changes and select SAVE ALL CHANGES.

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