The Static Hotspot editor allows users to edit the background color of a logo that appears on the static hotspot.

To learn how to edit the logo that appears in the hotspot, click here.

1. Click into the HOTSPOT dropdown and select EDIT HOTSPOTS.

2. Under the LAYERS column, find the logo you want to edit and click on the layer.
(There may be more than one logo layer in a hotspot, each will correspond to one logo area.)

3. A new menu will appear on the bottom of the image where you can adjust certain elements of the hotspot. One being the background color. You can edit the background color by click on the circle-slash symbol and choosing color. You can also input a color Hex Code to select a specific color. Then select SAVE ALL CHANGES.

4. In this editor below the image, you may also edit the the amount of padding each logo has, whether or not the logo is replicated across the area, and the maximum times the logo repeats either vertically or horizontally.

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