The pano hotspot editor allows users to edit the background color of a logo that appears on the hotspot.

  1. To edit the logo and background color of a panorama hotspot, first click on the PANORAMA dropdown and select MANAGE HOTSPOTS on the slide you would like to edit.

2. Click on the EDIT button next to the hotspot you would like to edit. There may be more than one hotspot on a slide to edit.

3. When editing the pano hotspot, you can choose to remain using the Presentation Logo, upload a Custom Logo for that hotspot, or use a video in place of the logos. Select the option you want and upload your desired logo or video.

4. The editor also allows you to change the background color by using the color picker (click on the colored square to the right) or by typing in a color (e.g. red) or hex code.

5. Finally, review your changes and select SAVE ALL CHANGES

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