The Digideck allows users to make certain changes to multiple presentations at once. To do so, select the checkbox on the left side of the Presentation Title.

When multiple Presentations are chosen, you will see options at the bottom of the screen allowing you to Delete, Archive, or Label them all simultaneously.


Selecting on Delete or Archive will bring up a warning explaining the action you are about to take; example seen below. It’s important to note that Archived Presentations can still be viewed by anyone who already has a View Link to that Presentation, whereas Deleted Presentations can not. Also, by Archiving a presentation, a user can still view statistics related to a presentation, but deleting a presentation deletes all statistics about it as well.

Here’s the message that shows when you select Delete:

This is the message that displays when you select Archive:


Selecting Labels will bring up a menu where you can add or remove Labels from each selected Presentation. After reloading, your Presentations will now have the chosen Labels added or removed. Labels will remain on Presentations even if they are Archived or Deleted.

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