By default, anyone who has the link to a presentation created in the Digideck can view it. In some cases, presentations contain sensitive information that may not be appropriate to a larger audience. The Presentation PIN passcode security feature is an optional measure that requires someone with a Presentation link to enter a 4 digit code before they can view the content.

Things to Consider

Extra security is always a trade off, so when enabling a PIN Passcode on a Presentation, keep the following points in mind:

  • The PIN Passcode is set on the individual Presentation, and cannot be changed per each shared link.

  • The PIN will apply to anyone who attempts to access the shared link for this presentation, even if it was sent out prior to the Passcode being enabled.

  • Anyone with access to the Presentation on the DigiDeck website can find the PIN Passcode under the Share tab.

  • A client will be prompted to enter the PIN Passcode every time they view the Presentation

How to set a PIN Passcode

Open the Presentation as you would to edit anything else about it. Select Presentation > Security to open the Security menu. 

Under “Restrictions”, select PIN Passcode, enter the 4 digit code you would like a link recipient to enter, and then select Save Changes.

If you run into trouble or don’t see the PIN Passcode option, please contact support.

How to remove a PIN Passcode

To remove the PIN Passcode, return to Presentation > Security, select PIN Passcode to remove the PIN,  and then select Save Changes.

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