The Digideck is a web-based platform which clients can use to distribute sales and marketing content to an external audience, similar to their public website.  Clients retain all ownership and responsibility for content and assets they choose to include in the platform.  

Clients who choose to use licensed fonts within their Digideck content should ensure that their font license supports this use.  The Digideck platform requires that any web fonts used within the Master Deck be hosted on Amazon Web Services, similar to a public website.  Most font licenses specify conditions for the use of web fonts, and may include limits on the number of page views.  

Sportsdigita does not control the content inside Digideck presentations, the number of presentations created, or their distribution.  As such, it is the responsibility of each Digideck client to ensure that their use of licensed fonts within the Digideck platform meets their agreed terms for use of web fonts.

Clients who purchase creative services from Sportsdigita to assist with the design of their Master Deck may also need to provide desktop licenses for their approved font in order to support their use within design software.  

While the number of licenses required may vary depending on the number of resources needed to complete the creative services work, at a minimum Sportsdigita would use two desktop licenses - one for the primary designer, and one for a member of our quality control / support team.  

In order to ensure that fonts used are identical to the fonts purchased by the client, clients will be expected to provide font files, and to have appropriate licenses available to support the creative services project.  If requested by the client, the Sportsdigita team can uninstall the desktop fonts after completion of the project and free up those desktop licenses for the client.

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