As an admin of your organization you have the ability to access your organization's user management tab. This tab is where you can add and delete users, as well as edit the permissions of users of your decks.

Where is the "Users" tab located? 

The "Users" tab is located on the "Decks" page.

After clicking the "Users" tab you will see the list of users and a list of "Invitations" which shows you users who have been invited but have not accepted the invite.

How do I "Invite Users" to my organization? 

Click the "Invite Users" button on the top right side of your window.

Once clicked, the "Invite Users" pop-up window will appear. This is where you will invite the new user as well as set their initial roles.

Can I send multiple invitations? 

You can send multiple invitations by adding a comma and space after each email address, however you will not be able to assign unique users roles for of the emails.
By default a "User" level role will be selected, but you can always edit a users role after the invitation has been accepted.

After entering the email and setting the role of the new user(s), click the "Send Invitations" button.

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