Slide Notes is a guided selling enhancement to the Digideck, allowing organizations to add sales training content, including images and video, to any slide or menu.

See Below: Content added by an admin to a Master Deck slide will be available to users on any future presentation that is created. Users can also add their own notes on any presentation slide or menu.

How Do I Add Slide Notes? 

The Slide Notes panel can be accessed when editing the slide or menu. To access Slide Notes click the icon near the top left corner of your screen to open the panel.

After the Slide Notes panel opens click the Edit option at the bottom.

The Slide Notes panel can be edited using the same content editing tools used throughout the Digideck. After adding text, videos, or images to your Slide Notes make sure to click the Save button near the bottom. 

Note: When selecting a video, click the Make Full Width button to match the width of the Slide Notes panel. After adding a video, the video will not be playable while editing the slide notes and will show a preview image until saved.

How Will I Know If a Slide Has Slide Notes? 

The Slide Notes icon changes color to let the user know that notes are available on that slide.

See Below:
Icon changed from a navy blue background color to a yellow gold background color.

Can I Print the Slide Notes? 

Slide Notes support full HTML content, and are intended for on-screen viewing.  There is not currently an option for printing this content. 

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