What are Presentation Flows?

Digideck Presentation Flows allow administrators to customize the user experience of creating a presentation.  Presentation Flows are an efficient and flexible option to speed up the presentation creation process.  

There are three basic flows to creating a presentation.  The first is our standard Slide Selector, allowing users to manually choose whichever slides they need.  This is the same default Digideck functionality that users experience when no Presentation Flows have been created.

The second option is to use a Preselect, which is a preset selection of commonly used slides.  A Preselect might be tailored to a specific industry, product line or point in the sales process.  Administrators can create however many Preselects their organization may need.

The third and most powerful option is to use a Presentation Flow Form.  Forms allow users to answer a few simple questions about their pitch, and automatically generate a custom presentation that fits their needs.  To enable this powerful functionality, administrators create custom rules that tell the system how to react to the answers submitted.

You can have any number of Presentation Flows enabled for each Master Deck.  If you create more than one, users will have a choice of which flow they would like to follow.  If you have only one flow enabled, the system will follow that flow automatically without requiring users to choose.

Ready to Get Started?

Talk to your Account Manager about enabling Presentation Flows on your Master Deck, and request our implementation guide with all the details.

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