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Adding Custom Fonts
Converting Fonts

Adding Custom Fonts

Steps to Adding a Custom Fonts to a Digideck Master Style:

1. In the Font Library Click Add Font

2. Click Upload Font

3. Upload .woff and .ttf

4. Select Font(s) from the Font Uploader and Confirm to add to your Style

Fonts will now be accessible in your Font Family editor in Style Customizations.

Converting Fonts

Depending on the licensing of your font, this may not be an option. But if it is, we recommend using the Font Squirrel Generator as it does a really good job keeping the integrity of the font intact for use in Digideck.

Upload your Font (Font Squirrel will then tell you if your font's owner will allow you to convert the font to a new format. If not, you'll need to go a purchase or find that desired filed type).

If successful, select the Expert option, then under font format select the files you'd like to generate from your font file, .ttf and .woff are both needed for Digideck.

After that the other item to check is the box at the bottom saying you the right to upload the file. Then select "download your kit".

Your font files should then be generated. You will be able to download a zip file with the fonts. Unzip them to your computer and upload them to your Digideck Font Library.

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