The Digideck Bynder integration allows registered Bynder users the option of choosing images from video from their Bynder catalog inside Digideck Master Decks or Presentations.  

When you select an asset from Bynder, Digideck will not create a copy of the asset in our platform.  Instead, Digideck will reference the original Bynder asset, so that you can continue to manage it inside Bynder.  Any changes to that asset will appear automatically inside Digideck.  Note: if you use the Digideck Image Editor to edit the image after it has been inserted, a local copy of that image will be saved in the Digideck library.

Once your integration has been enabled by your Sportsdigita Account Manager, users will see an optional Bynder tab any time they insert an image.

Clicking on the Bynder tab will open a window requesting your Bynder portal domain.  To speed this step, you can provide this domain to your Account Manager to have it entered by default.

Once you've entered your Domain, you will be taken to a Bynder login screen.  You will need to enter your Bynder login credentials.  This allows the Digideck integration to respect all of the internal access controls your organization has in place inside Bynder.

The first time you log in, you may be asked to grant access.  Click Yes to continue.

The Bynder tab will now display a search interface created by Bynder that you can use to navigate your Assets and Collections, and select the asset you wish to insert.  Click Add Asset(s) in the bottom right of the screen when you have made your selection.

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