Using the Contact Form on presentations will ensure that desired Viewer Data is tracked with analytics gathered from that Viewing Session. 

This feature will prompt users after the Loader and Intro Video to fill out Inputs before viewing the presentation.allow a default group of fields for users to be prompted with after the load and intro video is done playing on your presentation. 

Setting up Default Contact Form in the Master Deck. 

After entering the Master Deck, use the Deck Drop Down to find the "Contact Form" setting.

1. Require Form - This will remove the cancel button and require the form to be submitted. (Fields still need to be set to required under Input Configuration to force the viewer to enter data). 

2. Greeting Text - An area for a short message that appears above the form. 

3. Input Configuration - These are the fields allowed via the Contact Form. Check the Field to activate. Use the drop down to customize the Label and check Required to force the user to fill out the field before submission.

4. Remember Me Text - This text will appear next to a check box that allows user data to be stored in the viewers browser. This should prevent the user from having to refill the form on next view if cookies are allowed to be saved.

5. Button Configuration - Customizable labels for the submit and cancel buttons.

Turn on and Customize Contact Form in a Presentation

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