Social Media Links is a Slide Feature available on Main Menu (Root Slide), Chapters, and Slides.

Learn more about Slide Features here.

Navigate to the menu or slide they are intended to display on. For this example, the Main Menu will be used.

1. On the Main Menu, click the Slide Features icon to open

2. The Slide Features Panel will open, click the + Add Features button to add in the Social Media Links feature. If the Social Media Links Feature is already added click on it to edit.

3. If no links exist yet, add in the external site to link to.

4. Use a full URL of the site when entering your URL. URLs need to start with https:// otherwise they will not exit the Digideck and instead find the page within the Digideck.

5. Modify the desired positioning via the placement options.

6. Add or Save the feature. Once the page reloads, the feature should Display.

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