1. How to Use Comments

  2. Mentioning

  3. Resolvable

  4. Further Details

How To Use Comments

Enter a Master Deck or Presentation and open the comment panel. Once that panel is open, leaving a comment will be available on any slide including the main menu. Shortcut to send msg is shift + enter.


To notify a User that a comment has been left, click the @ symbol or use the @ key on the keyboard to search and enter a user's name. This will send an email to the user notifying them of the comment.

If the user would not have access to the presentation normally they will be added as a collaborator via Digideck's Collaboration Feature.


Setting a comment as resolvable will allow the comment to be resolved, once resolved is clicked it will notify the commenter by email on the updated status.

Further Details

Email notifications will only be sent if a mention is used or comment is resolved. Multiple mentions can be used in one comment.

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