The Digideck's iPad app gives users the opportunity to download an offline version of any presentation to their iPad with the click of a button. See below for details on the iPad app and its usage.

  1. Downloading the App

  2. Logging In

  3. Viewing your Presentation List

  4. Downloading a Presentation

  5. View a Downloaded Presentation

  6. Exit a Presentation

  7. Delete a Presentation

  8. Refresh Library

  9. Canceling Download

  10. Logging Out

1. Downloading the App: 

i. Within the App Store, search 'Digideck'. 

ii. Then click 'Install' to download the app to your iPad. Note: You must be on iOS version 9 or above to download the app.

2. Logging In: 

i. Once you open the app, log in using your Digideck login and password.

3. Presentation List 

i. Once logged in, you will see a list of your presentations AND any presentation from your organization's presentation library that was created as 'Public', rather than 'Private'.

4. Downloading a Presentation: 

To download any presentation from the app, simply tap the presentation and it will begin downloading. The download process has three parts:

  1. Processing: This is where the deck is generated, which happens directly after you tap on the presentation you want to download. This is indicated by a buffering circle around your presentation's container. This process can take seconds to minutes depending on the size of the presentation.

  2. Downloading: Is the step where the assets of your presentation are actually downloaded. This happens directly after the presentation has finished processing, and is indicated by a progress bar atop the presentation's container (see below).

  3. Extracting: The app extracts the assets that were downloaded into a usable format for your device/computer. This occurs after the downloading is complete, and is indicated (similar to the processing indication), by a buffering circle re-appearing in the presentation's container. This process can also take seconds to minutes, depending on the size of the presentation.

5. View a Downloaded Presentation: 

Once your presentation(s) has been downloaded, it will move to the top of your presentation list within the app under the "Downloaded Presentations" section. To view any downloaded presentation, simply tap into it, or click into the ellipsis menu that appears once a presentation has been downloaded and tap 'View'. All of the functionality and navigation of the presentation will be the same as on the web, including dynamic elements such as video, audio and the panorama.

6. Exiting a Presentation: 

While using the iPad simply tap the screen with two fingers at the same time, which will bring up a top-menu that allows you to select 'Done'. Tapping 'Done' button will return you to the app's presentation Library.

7. Deleting a Presentation: 

Once a presentation is downloaded, an ellipsis-menu (...) button will appear within it. If you tap into this menu, will be able to "Remove" or "View". Click "Remove" to un-download the presentation (remove its files from your iPad's memory).

8. Refreshing (From the Library): 

From the presentation library, if you swipe down from the top, the app will refresh the library to reflect any changes made to presentations. If you Refresh while you are in the process of downloading a presentation, it will terminate the download.

9. Cancel a Download: See above (Refreshing (From the Library)).

10. Logging Out: 

At the top-right corner of the app, next to the search bar, there is a facial-icon. Click into this icon in order to logout of your account. If you click the 'Signout' button it will bring up a popup that notifies you that when you log out of the app, all of the presentations you previously have downloaded will be removed from the app. You can re-download them if you log back in. Presentations are un-downloaded upon logout in order to prevent memory issues for your device.

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