How To Save Images For the Web

Since the Digideck is a web-based product, it is good practice to save images that you will upload to your presentation web-optimally. Failure to do so will result in you having large asset sizes, and thus loading these assets will be at the mercy of your network connection's speed. Cut down the size of your images by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open up photoshop on your computer. Once in Photoshop, click 'File' on the menu-bar and then navigate to 'Open' and find the image you would like to optimize.

Step 2: Once you have your image open in Photoshop, click 'File' once again and then navigate to 'Export'. Within 'Export' you will find 'Save for Web (Legacy)'. Click into this option.

Step 3: From the 'Save for Web' page you have several options to downsize you image's file-size without significantly cutting from the quality of it. Unless you are using a transparent image, make sure that you are always saving the images as a JPEG. For an explication of each field highlighted in the image below, see the following list:

  • Progressive: It is best to always fill in the 'Progressive' check-box. What this field does is make sure that the image loads in by increasing the pixel amount displayed, rather than loading the image top-down, which is often a terrible user experience. This is especially the case for users with slower network connections, as you have to wait to see the entirety of the image rather than having it come in all at once.

  • Image Size: Image size dictates the resolution of the image. For the Digideck and the resolutions it displays on, your image will never need to be larger than 1920x1080, though I would recommend keeping them 1600x1000 or below.

  • Quality: Is directly proportional to its namesake - quality. The higher the number is the higher the image's quality will be and vice versa. I would recommend keeping this number between 60 (high) and 80 (very high), depending on your target file size (see below for more on this).

  • File Size (Bottom Left): This is the number you want to pay attention to most. File size indicates how large your image is overall. Your target for uploading images to the Digideck should be >500K. If your image is <1MB, you are in the danger zone and need to further downsize your file size by adjusting one of the three other fields listed above. The recommended size of images uploaded to your Digideck is 250K.

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