1. Create a Digideck LIVE Presentation

  2. Share a LIVE Presentation

  3. View Active LIVE Presentations

Creating a Digideck LIVE Presentation

Click the toggle to Enable Digideck LIVE when Creating a Presentation or Editing Presentation Details.

Enable the Contact Form if you would like to associate viewer names with the LIVE presentation.

Setting a custom greeting is possible via the Greeting Message Drop Down.

Share a Live Presentation

To share a Digideck LIVE Presentation, Click the Share option from the presentation Menu. This is still the standard Recommended way to share a presentation.

When Generating a new share link, you'll notice there is a Digideck LIVE Icon now associated with the share link.

In this state the share link will always generate a new presentation for viewers to view. This will ensure that viewers are all in separate rooms while viewing.

If you click the Icon, you'll see that you can toggle the link to be a "Meeting" Link. Setting this will ensure that all users clicking the link go to the same room. Click the meeting badge to open up that presentation for yourself.

View Active Digideck LIVE Presentations

On the top tool bar in any view click the Digideck LIVE Icon to open the LIVE Presentation Viewer.

This will open the Viewer tool to show any active presentations and also allow you to enter the presentations and interact with the users if desired.

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