1. Adding Integration at Organization Level

2. Gong settings for Digideck

3. Getting Digideck LIVE recordings into Gong

4. Best Practices

Adding Integration at Organization Level

As an Org Admin, enter the Organization page to access the Integrations tab.

Click Connect and follow the steps on Gong's site to finalize the connection.

Gong is fully connected for your Organization when Digideck shows this message.

Gong settings for Digideck

Before recordings will go through these settings will need to be made by a Gong Administrator.

In your Gong team user list ensure that phone icon is highlighted for all users wanting to import videos from LIVE to Gong.

If it is not highlighted, click the cog icon and edit the user's capture settings.

Ensure that the user has "Import telephony system calls" checked on.

Getting Digideck LIVE recordings into Gong.

Digideck will automatically import your processed recordings to Gong.

Have the presentation owner start a recorded conference normally in Digideck LIVE. Once the recording is finished processing on our end we'll send it to Gong to Import into that presentation owner's Call call listing.

Recordings will need to be greater that 1 minute long with audio / speaking to be processed by Gong.

Best Practices

Gong has a few requirements for videos being imported to their systems. The following are best practices to ensure a successful import.

• Recording is greater than 5 minutes in length

• Audio or conversation for at least a minute of the recording

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