Q: What does it cost?
A: There Is no cost to use the Canva Integration within Digideck. However, you do need a Canva account to use the feature. Canva has free, pro, and enterprise account options. Account setup can be done on the Canva site or when you first press the Canva button within Digideck. For further details on Canva account options, click here.

Q: Do I have to have a paid Canva account to use it with Digideck?
A: No. Canva has a free account option that works within Digideck. Canva's website provides more details on the difference between a free and paid account. All Canva accounts work within our platform.

Q: How many users can I have?
A: The Canva integration with Digideck is available to all Digideck users who have a Canva account. There is no limit on the amount of Digideck users at a customer account who have access to Canva.

Q: What Canva template from the dropdown should I use for a Digideck slide?
A: Technically, all templates available from the Canva button dropdown can work within Digideck. However, some templates work better than others based on the specifications of the image size on a Digideck slide. Internally at Sportsdigita, we've used the Presentation template for a larger background image as the size is 1920x1080. For slides with an image on one side and text on the other, we've found the Facebook Ad template has the right sizing to correctly fill the space. Canva has let us know they're continuing to build out options for more flexibility.

Q: I don't have Canva but want to get up and running with it, what do I need to know?
A: A great first step is to set up a free account with Canva to try it out. You can do that via their site or when you hit the Canva button within Digideck you'II be prompted to log in or create an account. As a next step, visit the Canva site and navigate to their Tutorials page where there are ideas for getting started. Once you have your account and know more about Canva, access from within Digideck and work on your first images. If you'd like to meet with a Canva acccount representative, please email.

Q: Can I have multiple Canva accounts that I switch in and out of within Digideck?
A: Yes and no. When you open Canva from within Digideck you will be automatically logged into whatever account your current browser is logged into. An example would be that you have Canva open in another tab logged into a work account. When you open Canva from within Digideck, you'll be logged into that account. There is not an option to log out and into another account when accessing Canva from within Digideck. You will want to log out of the Work account in that other tab and log into the new account you wish to access. Then, when opening Canva within Digideck you'll be logged into that new account.

Q: Does Canva for Teams work with Digideck?
A: Yes. If you're logged into an account that uses Canva for Teams, all the shared resources from your Canva Teams account will be accessible when creating designs from within Digideck.

Q: Is there preferred pricing for Digideck users?
A: At this point there is not preferred pricing for Digideck users. A Canva account can be started for free or as low as $9.99 per month for a Pro account.

Q: Can I use video and GIF animations with this integration?
A: At this time Canva's vast library of image templates and elements to enhance images are available to Digideck users when accessing Canva from within Digideck. While the current API is limited to flat images, Canva is currently developing and testing advancements in their API to include video and GIF creative.

Q: What kind of security is in place with this integration?
A: The use of a Canva username and password is required to use Canva from within Digideck.

Q: Do the images I save in Canva get saved to the Images Library?
A: Yes, images created with Canva and published to Digideck will be saved in the image library in Digideck.

Q: Do the images I save in Canva get shared with my teammates (like in the image library)?
A: Yes, your team will be able to see the images you create with Canva in Digideck as they will reside in the shared image library.

Q: How do I activate Canva in Digideck?
A: Once you or your Digideck Administrator 'Turn on" the Canva Button within your Digideck Master Deck Settings, the Canva button will be live within your instance of DD. When you Click the Canva button, it will prompt you for a login and password. Once logged in, you are ready to create and add to your Digideck!

Q: Do we have access to the full (Pro) features through Digideck?
A: If you are logged into a Canva account that has access to Pro features, you'll be able to access those features through Digideck.

Q: Can you edit an image you previously created via Canva in Digideck?
A: Yes once a user creates an image via Canva in Digideck there will be a Canva icon on the saved image. This notes that the image can be reopened and edited in Canva. This would be good for things such as quickly editing data on an image which normally would have required external software.

Q: Does each Digideck user need a Canva account, or is only one Canva account link to Digideck?
A: Each Digideck user would require their own Canva account.

Q: Do images I create on Canva's website automatically save in my Digideck library (and vice versa)?
A: Images you create with Canva in Digideck will reside in the Digideck image library. Once published in Canva they are automatically saved to the Digideck Image library. However, images created with Canva within Digideck will not be saved to the user's Canva account.

Q: Does every Digideck user have access to Canva (or is this only for admins)?
A: As long as the Canva button is activated by an Admin at the Master Deck Settings, all users have access to Canva.

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