Create Okta App

Go to the Applications tab and click “Create New App”

Choose These settings:

Platform: Web
Sign on Method: SAML 2.0

Click “Create”


Give the app a great name: “Digideck”

Here’s a logo for ya:

Click “Next”

General Settings

Set these general settings:

Single sign on URL - this will be the ACS URL for the digideck webapi. It will look something like this:{subdomain}/acs

This URL is available in your Organization Integration tab:

Audience URI : set to “”

Application username: set to “email”

Advanced Settings

Click on “Show Advanced Settings”

Response: set to “Unsigned”

Assertion Encryption: set to “Encrypted”

Encryption Certificate: upload this certificate:

Attribute Settings

You will need 3 attributes set in you SAML response:

  • Email:

  • FirstName: user.firstname

  • LastName: user.lastname

The name needs to be spelled exactly as above.

Click “Next”

Set 3

Are you a customer or a partner: Select “I’m an Okta customer adding an internal app”

App type: check “This is an internal app that we have created”

Click “Finish”

Sign On Tab

Now that the app is setup, we’ll need to setup the Digideck. In the Sign On Tab, click on the “Identity Provider metadata” Link

This will open a URL with XML that will needed to be given to the Digideck.

Once this is done, you’re ready to go!

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