1. Upload Files to Digideck

  2. Add File to Slides

Upload Files to Digideck

To upload and manage files, enter the File Tab.

Image of File Gallery and Upload Files button Highlighted

To Upload a File, click upload Files.

When uploading a File, customization and tagging are available.

Upload Files Modal Showing Custom Title input and Tag input

Once uploading is done, Digideck will Scan the File for vulnerabilities and also generate a Thumbnail of the File.

Add Files to Slides

To add an uploaded File to a Slide navigate to the desired slide. Enter and Select text that should open the PDF in a new window.

Click the Link button in the text editor when text is selected.

Open File Gallery and Select File

Save Link and Slide to finalize changes. The file will open in a new window when the link is clicked (Cmd+Click in MacOS Ctrl+Click in Windows to click link when in Edit mode).

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