Waiting Rooms used in conjunction with Digideck LIVE allows a link to be sent to participants without the need for a presentation to be created yet.


  1. Create Waiting Room

  2. Sharing Link and Accessing Settings

  3. Adding a Presentation

  4. Participants Access and Presentation

1. Create Waiting Room

Open Digideck LIVE Panel, Click Add Waiting Room

Enter the required Waiting Room Information and Create the Waiting Room

Access to Share Waiting Room or Configure will appear

2. Sharing Link and Accessing Presentation

Sharing Waiting Room Link can be done via the Initial Creation Screen or by Accessing the Waiting Rooms Setting Page. To get to the Settings Page for a specific Waiting Room:

Open Digideck LIVE Panel

Click Waiting Rooms to view all created Rooms and to select the Room

This will give access to the Waiting Room Link to share.

3. Adding Presentation to Waiting Room

While in the Settings Page for the a Waiting Room, Create or Link a presentation to finalize the Waiting Room.

Follow steps to either Create or Link a Presentation. When Presentation is added, settings and configuration will be available. Opening Digideck LIVE conferencing is available from here as well.

4. Participants Access and Presentation

While participants have the Waiting Room link the will not have immediate access to the added Presentation until access is given. Give access from the Settings Page via the Presentation Access Toggle or while in the Digideck LIVE room that is located in the settings page.

In Digideck LIVE viewer access button appears when a participant is in the Waiting Room.

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