You need to be an Organization Admin to turn on the BombBomb integration within your Digideck.

As an Organization Admin you can access the Integrations page.

This can be done from the Presentations library page or from the Decks page.

From your Presentations library click the downward facing arrow in the top left corner (to the right of your deck and organization name).

Click on the Integrations option with the dropdown menu.

If you are on the Decks page, click the Integrations tab.

Once on the Integrations page click the BombBomb Settings button.

On the BombBomb settings page click the On/Off switch to the right of the deck name. When the circle is on the left side of the switch the integration is Off, when the circle is on the right side of the switch the integration is On.

When BombBomb is activated within a deck a Record With BombBomb button will be added to your Videos library.

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