After your Organization Admin has activated the BombBomb integration within your Digideck, all users will be able to record or add a video to the Videos library with BombBomb .

Within your Videos library click the Record With BombBomb button.

Sign-in to your BombBomb account to use the the BombBomb integration.

If you want to record a video, click on the Record tab on the left side of the BombBomb popup. Add a Title to your video by clicking into the top title area.

Click the big red record button in the center bottom of the video area to start recording. Click the big red record button while you are recording to end recording.

Once you have ended the recording, click the Save button in the top right corner to add the recorded video to your Videos library. If you don't like the recording click the RE-RECORD option in the bottom left corner to start a new video recording.

Notes: You will need to have a video camera connected or built into your computer to use the recording option. You may also need to allow the camera to record via computer settings or browser settings.

If you have multiple cameras or microphones hooked into your computer, you can click the Settings (gear) icon located in the bottom right corner of the record area to select the camera or microphone you want to use.

You can add videos created on BombBomb's website to your Videos library by clicking on the Videos tab option on left side of the BombBomb popup. Within the Videos option select the video you recorded on BombBombs website then click the Insert button in the top right corner. You can also add videos files from your computer by clicking on the Upload button.

All BombBomb recorded/uploaded videos will have a BombBomb logo on the top right corner of their video thumbnail (within your decks Videos library). If you would like to edit your BombBomb videos you will need to use the BombBomb website to make the update, then use Record With BombBomb button to upload the updated version.

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