A Presentation Slide's Master Deck Link can update or remove a connection to a Master Deck Slide. This allows Users to manage if a Slide is updated by a Global update or not. A gold Master Deck Link icon indicates if a Presentation Slide is linked to the Master Deck.


1. Update Linked Slide

2. Remove Slide Link

1. Update Linked Slide

On a Presentation Slide click on the Master Deck Link button on the Right Toolbar

Click Update Linked Slide

Select a Master Deck Slide that the Presentation Slide should be linked to

Save Updated Link to Confirm Changes

Now when the example "Charts & Graphs Example" Master Deck Slide is Globally Updated it will Change this presentation Slide.

2. Remove Slide Link

Open the Master Deck Link on a Presentation Slide

Click Remove Slide Link

This will remove the Master Deck Link

Save to Confirm Removing the Master Deck Link

This will prevent any Global Updates from affecting this Presentation Slide in the future. Doing this action can be reversed by readding the Slide Link and Running another Global Update.

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