As you create presentations you may want to edit and restyle the text within your slides. This article will cover some basic text styling functions.

We will be using the slide, seen in the image above image, as an example thought the article.

How do I edit the text on my slide? 

As long as the text you are editing is not a part of image you should be able to edit it. First, find the slide that has the text you want to edit, then click on the text area. If the text area is editable a toolbar will appear at the top of your slide area.

In the example image above, the text area was first clicked into, then text was highlighted to help illustrate interaction with the text area. 

How can I change the style of my text?

The "Paragraph" menu, allows you to choose between different header and body text styles. Changing text styles increases engagement, by making slide information look more appealing to readers. The "Paragraph" menu is located in the text toolbar.

In the example images above, the first sentence of the slide was changed to the Heading 4 styling.  

How can I change the size and spacing of my text?

The "Size" menu, allows you to set "Font Size" and "Line Height" using responsive sizes ranging from Tiny to Huge.  Responsive sizes are highly recommended to ensure a great visual experience across different screen sizes, mobile viewing and PDF export. The "Size" menu is located in the text toolbar.

In the example images above, all of the text had its Font Size and Line Height changed to Regular. 

Can I still use static sizing ?

For users who still need to set a static font size or line height in pixels, these options can be found under the "Format" menu. 

Keep in mind that setting static font sizes can cause inconsistent results on different screen sizes, especially in mobile viewing and PDF exports.

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