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How do I fix my Digideck's inconsistent Font Size?

This is likely a combination of inline font-sizes being added within the Digideck text editor. To remove existing inline font sizes, select the text of your slide and select clear formatting from the format drop down.

Ensure that you're clearing format when copying and pasting text.

Using the Design Center and Style Customizations to maintain the desired font size is the best way to ensure all your presentations look cohesive and on brand.

Once font sizes are at the desired sizes, use the text editor to add scaling font sizes from there. The less edits that can be made inline will help maintain the integrity of your text styling.

How do I get a .ttf or .woff of my font?

Depending on where you got the font you may be able to go back to the provider and download several file types of your font. This would be the recommended option. If this is unavailable please look at the Custom Font Support article for more information about converting fonts to other formats.

Why can't I change fonts in Digideck's text editor?

Digideck was created with branding teams in mind. Because of that, we'd like to ensure that brand standards can be followed. If any changes are needed please reach out to your internal Digideck Designer to set up any custom stylings needed. This will help maintain consistency throughout creating presentations.

If the desired customization still needs to be added as a one off you can add styling inline via the source code editor under tools on the Text Editor.

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