Table of Contents

  1. Color Palette

  2. Font Library

  3. Style Customizations

Color Palette

Color Palette will allow the saving of solid colors to be used with in the Design Center and also within the Text Editor within the Deck editor. 

Color Palette has 4 main functions:





Font Library

The Font Manger will allow for the upload of custom fonts to be used within the Design Center. 

Any Custom Font uploaded will need two specific file types:


This will ensure that the web and print version of the font renders properly. 

Below are two articles that will dive deeper into the Fonts and the Font Library:

Basic Font FAQ
Custom Font Support

Style Customizations

This is the main feature to customize the look and feel of a Digideck. Once entering you will see 2 main areas:

  1. Style Panel

  2. Master Deck Viewer

Style Panel

With this tool search and find customizable elements within the Master Deck to set the look and feel for all presentations. 

Use the Select Element Tool to click and filter through various Styles to customize. 

Master Deck Viewer

Select Style Elements and view changes in real time in the Master Deck. For more in-depth documentation view the Design Center Advanced User Guide.

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